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Business cards that rule

„Hi, my name is Andy Warhol and I´m an artist.“ That could have been the line, that Mr. Warhol could have used when introducing himself back in the days. Like all famous and very successful people, they had to start at some point. And what is the one thing you need to start your own […]

keep in mind!

There are certain things in live you should never forget and always keep in mind. Like these!!!

The Anatomy of Strangers

It´s always nice, to not only discover new artists but be discovered by new artists too. Like in the case of Joseph Loughborough, a young artist from the UK who recently spend 12 months in a self-imposed exile in Paris to find inspiration for his solo show The Anatomy of Strangers, which took place this […]

A new Guy´s in town!

Michael Hoppen Gallery in London shows work of the excentric french (fashion) photographer  Guy Bourdin (1928-1991). This exhibition offers rarely-seen before works including limited edtions and a selection from his renowned series for the Pentax Calender of 1980. His controversial work offers all: Blood, erotic, impossible postures and humor, of course. Especially in the 1970s […]

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