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Let there be light – and there was light

It´s always impressive to see how light can change the whole perception of a room, a building or an installation. With very simple lights like neon lamps you can produce such great impact and impressive scenery. And that´s exactly what UVA (United Visual Artists) from London did in 2013 with Sou Fujimoto’s summer pavilion at […]

Everything must come to an end… At least in Paris

Crazy things are happening in Paris (but only for a month): An unique art project initiated by Itinerrance Gallery called La Tour Paris 13 which involves a building of 9 levels with 36 apartments covering a surface of 4.500m2 is taking place. During the past 7 months around 100 internationally renown artists like Seth, Jaz, […]

The unvalued art of the Spomeniks

In the 60s and 70s Yugoslavia was a prospering playground for the architects with futuristic preferences. The result were thousands of Spomeniks (Eng. monument) created as memorials to the Second World War, scattered in this Eastern European country. But with the fall of socialism these monuments as well seem to be abandoned and forgotten, many […]

One for All

Architecture, interior design, product design… You name it. Italian Matteo Thun covers it all by applying an holistic approach which transforms his ideas into simply perfect products and buildings. As former student of Oskar Kokoschka, Thun works for over 30 years on creating designs that tell ideas without words and bring places to life by […]

Divine photography

I love photography, but at the same time I find it really difficult to name photographers that truly impress me, well, I found a new one: the outstanding Christoph Morlinghaus.   His way of taking pictures transforms every object into something monumental and one-of-a-kind. Like the series of theses almost Star-Trek-like churches, he took. The […]

Read more books!

What a great way to promote books and the reading of books. Dimensional Innovations are transforming a parking structure in a huge „bookshelf“ in the heart of Kansas City. And colour the city by creating this overdimensional eye-catcher for the new downtown library. I would say we can call that street art too, right?

Let´s go underground

Some of you probably know the High Line project on Manhattan´s West Side (Meatpacking District). Now, there´s a new project planned: The Lowline or The Delancey Underground. An underground park located in the former Williamsburg Trolley Terminal. The space is incredible, remaining all the features from the 1903 opened and 1948 abandoned station, which now […]

Recreate the city

Victor Enrich started at the age of 10 to draw and create new cities. During the process of getting older he included the computer more and more to his work. And now he is bringing it to perfection. His “City Portraits” series is amazing! Imagine these bulidings would be for real…

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