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Art show MEDIOCRE is opening its doors in Buenos Aires

To round off the first year of The Eclectic Tomorrow I´m happy to announce the art opening of the collective show „Mediocre“ by Jaz and Axel Void. It´s a joint venture of two great artists and muralists that already have been working together on many projects in Miami and Berlin, but never as a team […]

The inspiring World of Dudu

A big benefit of travelling is crossing paths with a lot of very different but interesting people. They give you new impulses and unexpected point of views and inspire and motivate you to dare more and to never stop pursuing your dreams even though they might seem a bit unrealistic at the moment. For me, […]

Talking Walls

If you take the word „Street Art“ literally than this kind of art is quite difficult to share with a broad audience, since it´s tied to the streets where it´s created. That´s why more and more street artists tend to as well produce work on paper and canvas or wood to give themselves the possibility […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – PAPER SCISSORS ROCK

A while ago I decided that I wanted my own art exhibition to celebrate an official kick-off for The Eclectic Tomorrow and it´s artists. Said and done. A couple of weeks and endless hours of organisation and never ending mails later the PAPER SCISSORS ROCK exhibition opened its doors at The Clubhouse Buenos Aires. The […]

Support your local art

Why roam so far afield if such beauty is right before your eyes? Mar del Plata is one of the less known cities in Argentina, but still has given birth to many new talents, like Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO. Born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires the founding member of the KidGaucho […]

Die Deutsche Reihe

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. – This quote is quite famous but for sure not in combination with these type of drawings. The monograph Die Deutsche Reihe (The German Series) by Argentine contemporary artist Hernán Marina is a masterly composition of quotes taken from the buddhism and other similar religious persuasions and combined with […]

Architect meets writer

Since I´m living in Buenos Aires, I´m always happy to write posts about the things that go on here. So this post features the Argentine photographer Celeste Romero Cano and the pictures she took at the National Library of Buenos Aires. This building i quite famous because of it´s architect Clorindo Testa. So Celeste took […]


What a lucky coincidence… Being in Buenos Aires while the 21. arteBA takes place. So I took the chance and went there. And I have to say, I was really surprised by the quantity of galleries and the great artworks I discovered there… One of my favorites are the sculptures of the argentine artist Lorena […]

Bye Bye American Pie

Finally, the Malba opened it´s new exhibition Bye Bye American Pie! Until the beginning of June you´ll be able to see 110 artworks made by famous American artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer and many more. So if you happen to be in Buenos Aires you should definately go there…

Dead on target with Oscar Bony

As I felt for some art today, I went to the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamerican de Buenos Aires) to check out some South American artists. My knowledge about this group of artists is small because most of them are not really shown that often in Europe, if you compare them to the european artists. Anyways, […]

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