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Welcome to Djerbahood

And again, the French Galerie Itinerrance strikes with an awesome idea to unite the crème de la crème of today’s street art. The new project is called Djerbahood and takes place in a Tunisian village called Erriadh on the island of Djerba. 150 street artists gathered up to transform this sleepy village in an open-air […]

Maya Hayuk knows no bounds

Even though I follow Maya Hayuk´s art for years I never featured her art on this blog – time to change this: During the last years Hayuk became a real star of the contemporary art scene… Her numerous massively scaled murals of crisscrossing fluorescent and pastel-hewn stripes are spread all over the world and her […]

Woman at work

This female street artist from Paris calls herself KASHINK and usually wears a painted mustache on her upper lip. What to expect? Well, actually a lot. Already as a child she loved comics and so they inspired her to choose her artistic name, which is one of the onomatopoeic words for the sound of action. […]

Mexican Talent Galore

I didn´t even leave Mexico City 24 hours ago and already miss it… So I guess it´s the right moment to write something about a Mexican contemporary artist that produces great work: Saner. As many artists nowadays his spectrum is pretty broad – from ink drawings to sculptures and acrylic paintings that as well culminate […]

Art show MEDIOCRE is opening its doors in Buenos Aires

To round off the first year of The Eclectic Tomorrow I´m happy to announce the art opening of the collective show „Mediocre“ by Jaz and Axel Void. It´s a joint venture of two great artists and muralists that already have been working together on many projects in Miami and Berlin, but never as a team […]

Everything must come to an end… At least in Paris

Crazy things are happening in Paris (but only for a month): An unique art project initiated by Itinerrance Gallery called La Tour Paris 13 which involves a building of 9 levels with 36 apartments covering a surface of 4.500m2 is taking place. During the past 7 months around 100 internationally renown artists like Seth, Jaz, […]

Home is where the (he)art is…

… could be one of the descriptions for the globetrotting French street artist Globepainter aka. Julien Seth Malland who has been everywhere. One reason for sure is, that he likes travelling. The other, that he likes to spread his art and to delight locals all over the planet with his original and very diverse styles […]

Talking Walls

If you take the word „Street Art“ literally than this kind of art is quite difficult to share with a broad audience, since it´s tied to the streets where it´s created. That´s why more and more street artists tend to as well produce work on paper and canvas or wood to give themselves the possibility […]

The itsy bitsy spider…

…Climbed up the waterspout. Well it´s not exactly as in this children´s song, but Spanish street artist SpiderTag always wanted to be a superhero when he was a little kid. Now he found his own and personal way to be a hero: By creating and reinventing the geometrical street art since 2008. Asking him, he´ll […]

Reclaiming the streets of Paris

By wandering around in the lovely city of Paris, this newly discovered street artist Levalet finds the best spots to glue, install and apply his very creative work. Seeing the street as his canvas and as an artistic playground  he shares his funny and awesome interventions with the Parisians. Since he always incorporates what the […]

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