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Welcome to The Shining´s resurrection

The fact of creating this series of surreal architectural photo collages without using a camera at any point is simply amazing. But Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian perfected his technique one could all „hyper-collage“ and with it he assembles puzzling creations by assembling bits and pieces of photographs he discovers while browsing the internet. Some of […]

The unvalued art of the Spomeniks

In the 60s and 70s Yugoslavia was a prospering playground for the architects with futuristic preferences. The result were thousands of Spomeniks (Eng. monument) created as memorials to the Second World War, scattered in this Eastern European country. But with the fall of socialism these monuments as well seem to be abandoned and forgotten, many […]

Curious Perspectives

During the last year(s) all kinds of geometric art and design became quite popular. All this fantasy design with howling wolves and imaginary landscapes we remember from the 90ies are now experiencing a mash-up with sacred geometry. Even photography picks up that topic and breeds some beautiful work, for example the series Curious Perspectives by […]

La vida auténtica de México

México it´s not only about beautiful beaches, Speedy Gonzales and huge sombreros, we all know that. So there are many other sides of this magical country we´ll probably never get to see with our own eyes, because it´s not easy to access and dangerous to go there as a non-Mexican. Thats´why I think México City-born […]

Shifting between real and unreal

What a brave comment: „True contemporary art has to reflect periodic phenomenon’s and should never be afraid to use the technical tools of its time.” That´s what Swiss conceptual artist Fabian Bürgy says and actually lives. His extraordinary and  astonishing digital creations really shift between real and unreal and therefore they are so surprising.  The […]

In Transition

Dealing with the mental process of transition, L.A.-based photographer Lauren Marsolier united a selection of 50 photos during the last couple of years. These photos, taken in Europe and the USA, are dealing with a transitional phase called gestalt change; when you be in a place you know but can´t really identify. Bottom line: Us […]

It´s just an illusion…

What an amazing series by Pol Úbeda Hervàs. „I´m not there“ brings up a fundamental question: Who am I? And the artist´s answer to that question are these images showing a guy who actually only consists of his own shadow. The sneakers remain as a reminder that there´s actually something more than just the shadow […]

Picasso draws with light

Even though this blog focuses on emerging and new art, there are still some great artists that did back one-of-a-kind work back in the days that I´d like to mention too. So today´s post is about a photographer, that got famous more than 60 years ago: Light painter Gjon Mili. He and his unique photo […]

Divine photography

I love photography, but at the same time I find it really difficult to name photographers that truly impress me, well, I found a new one: the outstanding Christoph Morlinghaus.   His way of taking pictures transforms every object into something monumental and one-of-a-kind. Like the series of theses almost Star-Trek-like churches, he took. The […]

Architect meets writer

Since I´m living in Buenos Aires, I´m always happy to write posts about the things that go on here. So this post features the Argentine photographer Celeste Romero Cano and the pictures she took at the National Library of Buenos Aires. This building i quite famous because of it´s architect Clorindo Testa. So Celeste took […]

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