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Art show MEDIOCRE is opening its doors in Buenos Aires

To round off the first year of The Eclectic Tomorrow I´m happy to announce the art opening of the collective show „Mediocre“ by Jaz and Axel Void. It´s a joint venture of two great artists and muralists that already have been working together on many projects in Miami and Berlin, but never as a team […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – PAPER SCISSORS ROCK

A while ago I decided that I wanted my own art exhibition to celebrate an official kick-off for The Eclectic Tomorrow and it´s artists. Said and done. A couple of weeks and endless hours of organisation and never ending mails later the PAPER SCISSORS ROCK exhibition opened its doors at The Clubhouse Buenos Aires. The […]

New blood from Eastern Europe…

… And I gladly accepted this generous gift from Russia. Young photographer Maksim Babenko (a.k.a. Максим Бабенко) just joined the well-blended group of contemporary artists, to make it even more eclectic. His work is characterized by sharp contrasts and an edgy point of view. Arising from his inner state of mind and provoked by the […]

Not at all: SiMPLE

A new talent has joined The Eclectic Tomorrow: SiMPLE. And don’t draw conclusions because of his name, is work is everything BUT simple. With his background and inspiration in graffiti he developed his own style during the past years, conglomerating very aesthetic colours, geometric shapes and different materials to well-balanced compositions of fresh and unique […]

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