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Zona Maco & Friends 2015

And here we go again… Mexico City´s „Fashion Week“ of the Art World is about to start. Many small and big events line up to celebrate contemporary art and it´s creators. One of the most famous events will be the Zona Maco, as Latin America´s most important contemporary art fair. But there will be many […]

Hasta la muerte and beyond

That all earthly things come to an end is an open secret, but how society handles murder and crime is another subject. A subject that Columbian artist Andrés Orjuela investigates to turn into amazing art projects. One of them was the intervention of the front pages of „Alarma!“, a Mexican crime magazine. By modifying the […]

Adam Green inaugurates Ronald Duck

Adam Green more known as a solo musician explored his creativity quite a bit during the last years. And one of his latest accomplishments just got inaugurated: Ronald Duck. His first solo exhibition in Mexico shown at La Campañia, an art gallery dedicated to the development of contemporary and interdisciplinary art projects which as well […]

Mexican Talent Galore

I didn´t even leave Mexico City 24 hours ago and already miss it… So I guess it´s the right moment to write something about a Mexican contemporary artist that produces great work: Saner. As many artists nowadays his spectrum is pretty broad – from ink drawings to sculptures and acrylic paintings that as well culminate […]

The Art of the Huichol

One amazing fact about ethnic art is that it´s ageless – regardless if it´s 1970 or 2013 it´s always what it is because it´s not created to be contemporary or modern. These handcrafted works are an expression of tradition, believes and fascinating stories they tell in each and every unique piece. Especially the art of […]

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