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New blood from Eastern Europe…

… And I gladly accepted this generous gift from Russia. Young photographer Maksim Babenko (a.k.a. Максим Бабенко) just joined the well-blended group of contemporary artists, to make it even more eclectic. His work is characterized by sharp contrasts and an edgy point of view. Arising from his inner state of mind and provoked by the […]

Happy Socks forever

Everybody knows them and almost everybody has them: the swedish Happy Socks! Once a very local fashion accessory but during the last years seen all over the world. But to claim world domination there has to be another highlight included. Right, let´s get Terry Richardson and some cool NYC people for the next ad campaign… […]

Frosty times

  I still can believe it, we´re been having snow since before christmas. And by now it really feels like it´s going to be white outside till summer. What shall this poor guy without his bike do until that? Walk?!? Come on, thre must be a solution!!!

Face the truth

For all who speak swedish and the swedesthemselves! Here comes a real funny cartoon found on the “Svenska Dagbladet”´s homepage. It´s oh so true!

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