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Illustrative Festival 2013 in Berlin

Last night I went to the opening soirée of the 6th Illustrative in Berlin. Which takes place every year for the past five years. This international festival for contemporary illustration and graphic art unites about 190 artists from all over the world and is located in the cool and historic venue Direktorenhaus. The location consists […]

Dissecting Street Art

Austrian Nychos grew up as son to a hunter family in the countryside close to Graz. So he started quite early to get a profound sense for the beauty and the ugliness of life. And as a result of that he professional ambitions with his Rabbit Eye Movement focus on animals and the dissection of […]

100 days, 100 curators…

… that was the idea of Saatchi Online. A really good one, I think. Each day for 100 days one selected curator (unfortunately none from Latin America) presents his favorite art and artists to the online audience of Saatchi. The result is a huge variety of art from all over the globe. One of the […]

Berlin Berlin…

It´s about time to promote my home town Berlin a little bit more. This time: circuito_berlin 012. 15 spanish artists living in Berlin showing their work at the Cervantes Institute. The focus lies on the transformation Berlin has been going through during the past 15 years. Marisa Maza, the curator, selected a nice bunch of […]


This is not very new, but I´m still impressed every time I pass the former “Bierpinsel” in Berlin. It used to be a restaurant, then a club and then just nothing for a while. But in 2010 3 curators and 4 artists (Flying Förtress, Honet, Sozyone and Craig ‚KR‘ Costello) transformed the building in to […]

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