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Mirrow mirrow on the wall…

Collaborations of artists or designers of different disciplines are usually very appealing and produce amazing results… This „unwritten rule“ applies as well for Japanese art director Rikako Nagashima and glass expert Hideto Hyoudou. Their project called Mizukagami/Water Mirror is a fascinating installation of several  mirrors placed on walls furniture or simply on the floor. The […]

One for All

Architecture, interior design, product design… You name it. Italian Matteo Thun covers it all by applying an holistic approach which transforms his ideas into simply perfect products and buildings. As former student of Oskar Kokoschka, Thun works for over 30 years on creating designs that tell ideas without words and bring places to life by […]

Crazy-cute illustrations from Alejandro Giraldo

Colombia has talent, it sure has. For instance the Medellin-based graphic designer, illustrator and art director Alejandro Giraldo. His detailed and personal way of illustrating animals and cute little creatures brought him clients like Vueling, Nike and Snickers, just to name a few. His wide spectrum from black & white to very colourful, crazy-cute to […]

Business cards that rule

„Hi, my name is Andy Warhol and I´m an artist.“ That could have been the line, that Mr. Warhol could have used when introducing himself back in the days. Like all famous and very successful people, they had to start at some point. And what is the one thing you need to start your own […]

Back into the wild

The White Animal Life (WAL) collection by Emilie Kröner is just great! First of all, I love porcelain animals, they are one of my favorite things, that were misjudged and labeled by mistake as kitsch. But they are awesome, especially when they are just white. And now I can even have breakfast, lunch and dinner […]

Idols go Groupie

Which records would Edward Scissorhands play at home? Or which concert would be on top of Marylin Monroe´s list if she would sill be alive? Well, I guess the chilenian illustrator Fab Ciraolo found the answer: CSS, Arcade Fire, Clap your Hands and say yeah, etc. Thanks for filling us in in such a cool […]


I know these are no real news, but I felt like I have to mention how much I like the Interview Magazine. Good memories come to my mind when I think about the magazine which was founded by Andy Warhol and John Wilcock in 1969. The huge format and the cool photos and articles. Well, there is still a […]

Back to the roots

The italian design firm en&is based in Milan just designed a passive amplifier for the iPhone. This very cool “horn” is made of ceramics on a wooden frame and available in 3 differnt colours. For me it´s a wonderful cross-over of the very first steps of communication and the very modern way of communicating or listening […]

I told you so!!!

When you´re young, your parents and grandparents give you a lot of advice you actually can´t process because of the lack of experience. Once you grow a little bit older and you remember some of the advice they gave you back in the days, you have to admit: Damn, yes, they where right…. So here […]

Ice cream deluxe

Everybody loves ice cream… But wouldn´t you even love it more without calories??? The german (jewelery) artist Wolfgang Lieglein made it possible!!! With his very cute work “Eis am Stiel” (Ice on a stick) he´s even participating at the 10. Triennale for Form and Content in the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt/Germany.

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