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Creativity flows with the sound of music

It´s no secret that bands like The Beatles, KISS and Queen not only left their deep marks in the world of music but in the art world as well. This works for the young Spanish artist Borja Bonafuente Gonzalo who´s life is music too. His passion for music obviously reflects in his work through musical […]

An artistic interpretation of Solipsism

For everyone who doesn´t know what Solipsism is, here´s a quick excursion into philosophy: Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. And if you feel, that this explanation wasn´t sufficient, I highly recommend the terrific video by artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang called Solipsist – a genius […]


I know these are no real news, but I felt like I have to mention how much I like the Interview Magazine. Good memories come to my mind when I think about the magazine which was founded by Andy Warhol and John Wilcock in 1969. The huge format and the cool photos and articles. Well, there is still a […]

Back to the roots

The italian design firm en&is based in Milan just designed a passive amplifier for the iPhone. This very cool “horn” is made of ceramics on a wooden frame and available in 3 differnt colours. For me it´s a wonderful cross-over of the very first steps of communication and the very modern way of communicating or listening […]


Dillon is the 21-year old Welsh artist on BPitch Control. A famous german record label from Berlin. She´ll release her new album „The Silence Kills“ the 14th November. Get excited! Her music is really good and you shouldn´t miss it!  

Neo2 City

The spanish creative magazine NEO2 has published it´s new city feature: This time Madrid! On the website you can see tons of video interviews with artists, designers and other creatives who live in the capital of Spain. If you don´t feel like travelling to Madrid after that, then I can´t help you!

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over

  Lovely song and matches to almost every topic in life, sometimes…

The Dead Weather – I cut like a buffalo

  A really cool song from a really cool band. My recommanded addition to it is to also watch “True Blood”.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

  Yeah, yeah yeah… A One Life Stand… I like the idea, it´s soooooo romantic!!!

Asha Ali – The time is now

  Asha Ali does really good music! And I only can recommand to see her live! Trevlig tjej!

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