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Giving tulle a new face

When we think about tulle, the first image that usually pops up in our heads is the one of a ballerina’s tutu. But not in the case of Benjamin Shine. He actually creates almost photorealistic portraits made of only a single sheet of this very delicate fabric. Portraying mainly icons like Elisabeth Taylor and Princess […]

When the Original Nerds go Sexy

Who doesn´t remember Steve Urkle from Family Matters? We all loved him but at the same time were a little confused about his sartorial choices… But then, a couple of years ago everyone went „nerdy“, even Justin Timberlake did it and looked very sexy with his new style. There has to be something about, what […]


I know these are no real news, but I felt like I have to mention how much I like the Interview Magazine. Good memories come to my mind when I think about the magazine which was founded by Andy Warhol and John Wilcock in 1969. The huge format and the cool photos and articles. Well, there is still a […]

Happy Socks forever

Everybody knows them and almost everybody has them: the swedish Happy Socks! Once a very local fashion accessory but during the last years seen all over the world. But to claim world domination there has to be another highlight included. Right, let´s get Terry Richardson and some cool NYC people for the next ad campaign… […]

90 days one dream

For all the friends and fans of fashion photography there´s a new book out there! Kristian Schuller, a well-known german photographer, published his book “90 days a dream”. Really a dream made out of 219 pages and a video with wonderful and fascinating work.

Get Muused!

If you love fashion and would call yourself a fashionista, then there will be no way around this website. Muuse is a company based in Copenhagen. Their mission is to make it easier to buy all the wonderful clothes from young and independent fashion designers. No retailers, no strange policies – just pure fashion. I […]

Hermès goes Kongo 2

After blogging about the collaboration of Hermès and Kongo I thought, that it would be a perfect idea to pass by the store in Barcelona. I didn´t knew if there would be work in progress or if everything is already finished… So I was excited to go there. But what I saw was more then […]

Olivia Palermo

Finally!!! The loved and hated Olivia Palermo, known from the City created her own blog. So if you need support with styling, lifestyle, etc. check it out and become a Fashionista par excelcnce!  

Hermès goes Kongo

The very traditional fashion label Hermès did already the first step in becoming a label with street credit by doing a co-operation with the french graffiti artist Kongo. The result is a series of really cool scarfs. And now he´ll  costumize the windows of the botique in Barcelona (Passeig de Gracia) during the 10. – […]

Neo2 City

The spanish creative magazine NEO2 has published it´s new city feature: This time Madrid! On the website you can see tons of video interviews with artists, designers and other creatives who live in the capital of Spain. If you don´t feel like travelling to Madrid after that, then I can´t help you!

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