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Zona Maco & Friends 2015

And here we go again… Mexico City´s „Fashion Week“ of the Art World is about to start. Many small and big events line up to celebrate contemporary art and it´s creators. One of the most famous events will be the Zona Maco, as Latin America´s most important contemporary art fair. But there will be many […]

Message in a (quite big) Bottle

For most of us clean and drinkable water is something so natural and almost boring, that we take it for granted. But for many many people it´s not… That´s why filmmaker Mary Jordan brought the The Water Tank Project to life. With the support of over 100 artists, among them famous ones like Ed Ruscha, […]

Welcome to Djerbahood

And again, the French Galerie Itinerrance strikes with an awesome idea to unite the crème de la crème of today’s street art. The new project is called Djerbahood and takes place in a Tunisian village called Erriadh on the island of Djerba. 150 street artists gathered up to transform this sleepy village in an open-air […]

Turning paint to flesh and paper to sculpture

What a wonderful statement: „Painting is more than work, it is life; it calls upon instinct and demands relentless practice.“ This is what I call a dedicated artist. For Brazilian-born Marcelo Daldoce „art making is a calling, study, leisure, therapy and pleasure.“ And we can all be part of it while enjoying his marvelous watercolor […]

Art for animal lovers

At some point we grew out of being surrounded by our beloved teddy bears. But what to do with the cuddly companions you shared your childhood with? Argentine artist Agustina Woodgate has the answer: Colorful plushy rugs!!! By using uncountable toy animal skins she creates enormous and complex mandala-like rugs that delight all age groups. […]

Min in Wonderland

Surrealism was an epoch making new style back in the in the early 1920s, being characterized by the dreamlike landscapes and unrealistic compositions of it´s works. But this art style is still alive, evolved and re-interpreted by many talented artists around the world. Like Korean-born Jung Yean Min who was mainly inspired by Hieronymus Bosch. […]

Dressed for Success

If Michelangelo would have known how sculpturing will evolve during the next almost 500 years, he would probably died of a heart attack before even finishing David… But that´s Zeitgeist and it´s important to go and try new things. Like Italian-trained sculptor Alasdair Thomson who almost exclusively works with marble. And in this case by […]

Giving tulle a new face

When we think about tulle, the first image that usually pops up in our heads is the one of a ballerina’s tutu. But not in the case of Benjamin Shine. He actually creates almost photorealistic portraits made of only a single sheet of this very delicate fabric. Portraying mainly icons like Elisabeth Taylor and Princess […]

Hasta la muerte and beyond

That all earthly things come to an end is an open secret, but how society handles murder and crime is another subject. A subject that Columbian artist Andrés Orjuela investigates to turn into amazing art projects. One of them was the intervention of the front pages of „Alarma!“, a Mexican crime magazine. By modifying the […]

Maya Hayuk knows no bounds

Even though I follow Maya Hayuk´s art for years I never featured her art on this blog – time to change this: During the last years Hayuk became a real star of the contemporary art scene… Her numerous massively scaled murals of crisscrossing fluorescent and pastel-hewn stripes are spread all over the world and her […]

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