Monthly Archives: September 2011

Neo2 City

The spanish creative magazine NEO2 has published it´s new city feature: This time Madrid! On the website you can see tons of video interviews with artists, designers and other creatives who live in the capital of Spain. If you don´t feel like travelling to Madrid after that, then I can´t help you!

Vintage Jewelry

While strolling through the Borne neighbourhood in Barcelona I found this fantastic jewelry shop by Ena Amacana. The are doing beautiful unique items assembled from vintage stuff, like glasses, watches, etc. I had to buy something there!!!  


This is not very new, but I´m still impressed every time I pass the former “Bierpinsel” in Berlin. It used to be a restaurant, then a club and then just nothing for a while. But in 2010 3 curators and 4 artists (Flying Förtress, Honet, Sozyone and Craig ‚KR‘ Costello) transformed the building in to […]

Map art

I found the art of Matt Cusick on the internet… The way he´s using the map and creates an artwork out of it did fascinate me a lot.  

Portraits of the Belle Époque

While visitning the Caixa Forum in Barcelona I discovered the italian painter Giovanni Boldini (1842 – 1932). Even though the works are about a hundred years old I was very impressed my his style. His brushwork seems so modernand contemporary, that I could be painted today…  

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