Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hey little friend!

During the last years Street Art got a little friend called Street Painting. And this little friend is growing a lot. I personally think that the 3D ones are the most amazing ones and it´s incredible how they can trick your brain into believing that these works are actually 3-dimensional… I hope to see much […]

Think big!

The street artist Aryz is having his first solo exhibition! The Montana Gallery in Barcelona is showing a selection of his works titled “Hello World” until the beginning of January 2012. If you happen to be in Barcelona you should definatley pop by.

Inspiration for creation

That´s what I call real help! If you need inspiration for creation who would be the best one for this job? Right, an artist himself. And this is why a couple of pretty known and  sucessful artists created Creative Lives. A website to help you and inspire you to create your own work.

Finally something funny…

Art is such a beautiful thing. But in most cases it´s a quite serious thing too… But when you take a look at the fantastic work of Aled Lewis you see that art can be very funny too. I love all of his pieces and I´m wishing that art could be more often as refreshing […]

Dead on target with Oscar Bony

As I felt for some art today, I went to the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamerican de Buenos Aires) to check out some South American artists. My knowledge about this group of artists is small because most of them are not really shown that often in Europe, if you compare them to the european artists. Anyways, […]

Get Muused!

If you love fashion and would call yourself a fashionista, then there will be no way around this website. Muuse is a company based in Copenhagen. Their mission is to make it easier to buy all the wonderful clothes from young and independent fashion designers. No retailers, no strange policies – just pure fashion. I […]

Actress goes Artist

The actress and film producer Lucy Liu just published her first book Lucy Liu: Seventy Two. It contains 72 abstract illustrations which are exploring the Kabbalah and meditation. Well then… Hopefully you´ll reach enlightenment by buying it!

Ice cream deluxe

Everybody loves ice cream… But wouldn´t you even love it more without calories??? The german (jewelery) artist Wolfgang Lieglein made it possible!!! With his very cute work “Eis am Stiel” (Ice on a stick) he´s even participating at the 10. Triennale for Form and Content in the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt/Germany.

Recreate the city

Victor Enrich started at the age of 10 to draw and create new cities. During the process of getting older he included the computer more and more to his work. And now he is bringing it to perfection. His “City Portraits” series is amazing! Imagine these bulidings would be for real…

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