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Merry Christmas, Yoshitomo Nara fans

Just in time, Chronicle Books published a complete edition of Yoshitomo Nara´s work called “Yoshitomo Nara: The Complete Works” originated during his entire career. These two volumes each about 400 pages thick contain in total more than 4,500 paintings, drawings, editions, sculptures, photographs, and collaborations with other artists. And they even include essays written by […]

Banksy´s latest

One of Banksy´s latest works “Cardinal Sin” just got exhibited in the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. Banksy gave it to them because he loves the gallery and so they got a little “christmas present”. His bust with the pixeled-out face work refers to the child abuse scandals in the Catholic church. And he comments it […]

Happy Socks forever

Everybody knows them and almost everybody has them: the swedish Happy Socks! Once a very local fashion accessory but during the last years seen all over the world. But to claim world domination there has to be another highlight included. Right, let´s get Terry Richardson and some cool NYC people for the next ad campaign… […]

Back to the roots

The italian design firm en&is based in Milan just designed a passive amplifier for the iPhone. This very cool “horn” is made of ceramics on a wooden frame and available in 3 differnt colours. For me it´s a wonderful cross-over of the very first steps of communication and the very modern way of communicating or listening […]

90 days one dream

For all the friends and fans of fashion photography there´s a new book out there! Kristian Schuller, a well-known german photographer, published his book “90 days a dream”. Really a dream made out of 219 pages and a video with wonderful and fascinating work.

I told you so!!!

When you´re young, your parents and grandparents give you a lot of advice you actually can´t process because of the lack of experience. Once you grow a little bit older and you remember some of the advice they gave you back in the days, you have to admit: Damn, yes, they where right…. So here […]

Film director meets photographer

The Thaddeus Ropac Gallery in Paris invited the film director and screenwriter Sofia Coppola to curate an exhibition with the works of Robert Mapplethorpe. The idea was to show his work through the eyes of another artist/creative. If you want to see the works she selected make a trip to Paris until the beginning of […]

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