Monthly Archives: January 2012

Real “Hocus Focus”…

Just a couple of days ago, the Matadero arts center in Madrid opened its doors for two new exhibitions. The first one is „Hocus Focus“, the first exhibition of Navid Nuur in Spain. Presenting studies or unfinished work that could become something else over time and change of place, or simply by magic. And the […]


While browsing the internet once again I found this great dutch artist: Joram Roukes. His paintings and drawings are amazing and funny and I just wanted to share that on my blog so that more people can enjoy his work.

Got balls?

Who says: Real art should be in a museum or a gallery?  For the artist american Kurt Perschke this wasn´t an option. With his RedBall Project he is right in the streets, where the people are and life happens. The RedBall Project travels around the world to interact with different cultures, people and behaviours and […]

Let´s get physical

With the photo project “Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan” the american photographer Misty Keasler not only showed us the secret passions of the Japanese but aswell a very nice selection wonderful photography. Her project got aswell publish as monograph by Cronicle Books and was shown in a museum. Thank you for that.  

More art

To find interesting things to write about, you have two options: One, you discover them while you´re travelling or being out in the streets of your city or number two, while browsing/searching the internet. Because it´s not always possible to find all interesting stuff in your city of residence, you have to work a lot […]

The bigger the better

This week the 25-years old spanish artist Sheila Pazos is having the opening of her first solo exhibition in the Galería Rita Castellote in Madrid. I really like her almost surrealistic photomontages with mixed up proportions that create such a fantastic mood. Hopefully we will see much more of her work in the future.

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