Monthly Archives: February 2012

A new Guy´s in town!

Michael Hoppen Gallery in London shows work of the excentric french (fashion) photographer  Guy Bourdin (1928-1991). This exhibition offers rarely-seen before works including limited edtions and a selection from his renowned series for the Pentax Calender of 1980. His controversial work offers all: Blood, erotic, impossible postures and humor, of course. Especially in the 1970s […]

Embrodery is back!!!

I really like it when someone´s creating art by taking something old and adding something new. It´s just such a beautiful way to combine things. And that´s exactly what I thought, when I say Maurizio Anzeri´s photo embrodery. Using these old photographs and adding the sometimes crazy embrodery is really amazing and I loved browsing […]


I know these are no real news, but I felt like I have to mention how much I like the Interview Magazine. Good memories come to my mind when I think about the magazine which was founded by Andy Warhol and John Wilcock in 1969. The huge format and the cool photos and articles. Well, there is still a […]

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