Monthly Archives: March 2012

Scaringly beautiful

I just discovered the Brooklyn-base artist Caitlin Hacket and her beautiful but a little disturbing work. The creatvity and the imagination she has are amazing… Here´s a brief excerpt of her artist statement to give you a bit more insight: “In my work I am giving an ode to the natural world I love… My […]

Wow from the Philippines

There aren´t too many artists coming from the Philippines that gather a lot of attention, but Ronald Ventura definately is!!! During the last years he wowed the international audience with his paintings and sculptures and it doesn´t seem like he´s going to stop soon. His trademarks are his complex layerings and the constant dialog between […]


I know, it´s not new, but it´s very beautiful… Stephan Doitschinoff´s short movie TEMPORAL: A film made in 2008 showing the artist Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma) travelling through the Brazilian countryside of Bahia, painting site-specific murals on adobe houses, chapels, and even a cemetery. His art is devine and I guess that´s aswell why he´s […]

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