Monthly Archives: April 2012

Brazil, here we go!

Since I´m travelling to Rio de Janeiro tomorrow I thought it would be a good idea to feature a brazilian artist. So here we go: Bruno 9li. His mystic and colourful paintings and illustrations are really one of a kind. And I think they get you a bit in a brazilian mood, in terms of […]

Crossing borders

What I like about art is, when the artist thinks outside of the box. And in this case it´s literally. Valerie Hegarty creates art that in a way interacts with the reality. If it´s the woodpecker who´s wrecking the artwork or the tree that grows out of the frame… Her works cross the border from […]

New talent

Just the other day I found these really beautiful photos taken by Maria Sardani, who´s just 17-years old. Impressive. She has a lot of photos to offer and many of them are just fantastic, a nice mixture between romantic meets surrealism. I hope she developes her talents and we´ll see more in the future…

Bye Bye American Pie

Finally, the Malba opened it´s new exhibition Bye Bye American Pie! Until the beginning of June you´ll be able to see 110 artworks made by famous American artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer and many more. So if you happen to be in Buenos Aires you should definately go there…

Let´s go underground

Some of you probably know the High Line project on Manhattan´s West Side (Meatpacking District). Now, there´s a new project planned: The Lowline or The Delancey Underground. An underground park located in the former Williamsburg Trolley Terminal. The space is incredible, remaining all the features from the 1903 opened and 1948 abandoned station, which now […]

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