Monthly Archives: June 2012

Summer of Photography

Unfortunally Belgium doesn´t get too much attention in reference to art… But here it is, again: The Summer of Photography in Belgium!!! Oranized by the Centre of Fine Arts and taking place every two years. This year´s theme: Landscape. In many places all over Belgium you can find photography exhibitions looking into the subject of […]

Street Art 2.0

Street Art is developing a lot, there are so many different styles and techniques and a lot of talented artists out there. Here´s is one that caught my attention: Alexandre Farto aka. Vhils. This portuguese artists likes to carve his work into walls and wood and with a little help of paint the results are […]

Sure, after studying ceramics, you can start an professional career designing cups and butter dishes OR you do it like Tip Toland and create these amazing hyper realistic sculptures. I think he made a good choice and revealed a truly big talent as an artists. Hope to see much more in the future!!!

Idols go Groupie

Which records would Edward Scissorhands play at home? Or which concert would be on top of Marylin Monroe´s list if she would sill be alive? Well, I guess the chilenian illustrator Fab Ciraolo found the answer: CSS, Arcade Fire, Clap your Hands and say yeah, etc. Thanks for filling us in in such a cool […]

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