Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Delicate and the Powerful

Even though the London-based fashion photographer Jacob Sutton seems to be more focussed on commercial stuff, will say advertising, I really like his artistic side. A beautiful soft and delicate series of a girl underwater. And in contrast to that the strong and powerful shots of the guys. Only to name some of the exhibition […]

Read more books!

What a great way to promote books and the reading of books. Dimensional Innovations are transforming a parking structure in a huge „bookshelf“ in the heart of Kansas City. And colour the city by creating this overdimensional eye-catcher for the new downtown library. I would say we can call that street art too, right?

Oh Lord, won´t you buy me…

…a Mercedes-Benz! Or maybe rather an Audi? Well, Gerry Judah did it. And than transformed it into a great piece of art. The U.K. based artist with a very multicultural background started his career as an architectural draughtsman which aroused his interest in working on large sculptures. Today he´s a successful artist with exhibitions at […]

Berlin Berlin…

It´s about time to promote my home town Berlin a little bit more. This time: circuito_berlin 012. 15 spanish artists living in Berlin showing their work at the Cervantes Institute. The focus lies on the transformation Berlin has been going through during the past 15 years. Marisa Maza, the curator, selected a nice bunch of […]


Since I´m living in Buenos Aires I thought I should take the opportunity to make a quick trip to Chile… I mean, it´s basically just on the other side of the Andes. So I went there for one week and visited Santiago and Valparaíso. And I just can say: Valparaíso is so amazing, a very […]

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