Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Anatomy of Strangers

It´s always nice, to not only discover new artists but be discovered by new artists too. Like in the case of Joseph Loughborough, a young artist from the UK who recently spend 12 months in a self-imposed exile in Paris to find inspiration for his solo show The Anatomy of Strangers, which took place this […]

Metaphoric Animals

I just came across the awesome animal sculptures of Beth Cavener Stichter. Her work is meant as a metaphor for our humanity. She uses the animals to ´express the unconscious and irrational parts of our existence´. Because for her the primitive animal instincts are lurking in our own depths. I find her work very interesting […]

Reflecting the hedonistic human nature

I really like the work of Bristol-born and based artist Ian Francis. His paintings that seem almost like stills taken from dreams. They are so intense, both in their figurative/abstract way and the colours that this „falling apart to melt into something new“ just reflects the profound character of these works. His inspiration is taken […]

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