Monthly Archives: November 2012

Back into the wild

The White Animal Life (WAL) collection by Emilie Kröner is just great! First of all, I love porcelain animals, they are one of my favorite things, that were misjudged and labeled by mistake as kitsch. But they are awesome, especially when they are just white. And now I can even have breakfast, lunch and dinner […]

Storm in a Teacup

On the very first sight many of the paintings by British Katie Sims seem to be super dynamic and abstract mixes of brush stokes melting into each other. But then these lines transform into kind of stylized landscapes and rural environments. And after I read a little bit more about her work I understood, that […]

keep in mind!

There are certain things in live you should never forget and always keep in mind. Like these!!!

From Russia with Art

Eastern European art always has and had a very special aura in my opinion. I guess it´s the pure and sharp, sometimes almost brutal style many of them use. Everything is right there in your face, no disguise, but you still get a bit of a mystical and vague feeling when you look at the […]

Complex Dynamics of Human Nature

I love the complex forms and dynamics of Jason Thielke´s artworks, his mainly nude people which are etched in, drawn on or cut out of diverse materials to create a beautiful imagery. On first sight his art seem to be a merge of technical line compositions and wild, almost confuse intersecting lines which than, after […]

The beauty of the Common

Most of the widely spread objects we use every day are totally underestimated, if not even almost nonexistent to our minds. The Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebag values the simple and knows about the beauty that lies within. By taking the ordinary out of the ordinary he is shifting its context and giving it a new […]

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