Monthly Archives: December 2012

Die Deutsche Reihe

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. – This quote is quite famous but for sure not in combination with these type of drawings. The monograph Die Deutsche Reihe (The German Series) by Argentine contemporary artist Hernán Marina is a masterly composition of quotes taken from the buddhism and other similar religious persuasions and combined with […]

Picasso draws with light

Even though this blog focuses on emerging and new art, there are still some great artists that did back one-of-a-kind work back in the days that I´d like to mention too. So today´s post is about a photographer, that got famous more than 60 years ago: Light painter Gjon Mili. He and his unique photo […]

Divine photography

I love photography, but at the same time I find it really difficult to name photographers that truly impress me, well, I found a new one: the outstanding Christoph Morlinghaus.   His way of taking pictures transforms every object into something monumental and one-of-a-kind. Like the series of theses almost Star-Trek-like churches, he took. The […]

Scary awesome art

That AJ Fosik was meant to be an artist and sculptor is obvious for the spectator when seeing his work. His pieces, that are influenced by American Folk Art and street art (just to name a few) are transforming everyday objects into something extraordinary by being carefully assembled of hundreds of individually cut and painted […]

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