Monthly Archives: January 2013

It´s just an illusion…

What an amazing series by Pol Úbeda Hervàs. „I´m not there“ brings up a fundamental question: Who am I? And the artist´s answer to that question are these images showing a guy who actually only consists of his own shadow. The sneakers remain as a reminder that there´s actually something more than just the shadow […]

Embrace awesomeness

Yes, I know „embrace awesomeness“ is very frequently used in this popular TV show I won´t mention now, but I feel like here and right now is the time to use it too… Because Pat Perry´s work is awesome. His very detailed work he creates is „the attempt to digest the indigestible“ and I think […]

Feeding street art to the people

Wohoo, what is better then one great street artist? Right, two! And here we go: A collaboration of Belgian artist ROA and the Argentine artist Ever. ROA ended one of his many trips in the capital of Argentina and shared a mural with local street art hero Ever in the quite hip neighbourhood of Palermo/Buenos […]

Loopy street art from Down Under

Look what Perth has to offer: The Yok. Even though he lives in Brooklyn at present, I would call it original Australian street art. His loopy characters, with the lovely staches and beards make my little heart jump up and down. Amazingly all his work is great, doesn’t matter if it´s a mural, a canvas, […]

Art as a Statement

I like this Spanish guy Eugenio Merino!!! He definitely makes a point with his very ironical and humorous sculptures. Dealing with the history of his own country he absolutely found a way of dealing with it and at the same time exploring global issues like religion, war and poverty.   Always putting his finger on […]

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