Monthly Archives: February 2013

Not at all: SiMPLE

A new talent has joined The Eclectic Tomorrow: SiMPLE. And don’t draw conclusions because of his name, is work is everything BUT simple. With his background and inspiration in graffiti he developed his own style during the past years, conglomerating very aesthetic colours, geometric shapes and different materials to well-balanced compositions of fresh and unique […]

Crazy-cute illustrations from Alejandro Giraldo

Colombia has talent, it sure has. For instance the Medellin-based graphic designer, illustrator and art director Alejandro Giraldo. His detailed and personal way of illustrating animals and cute little creatures brought him clients like Vueling, Nike and Snickers, just to name a few. His wide spectrum from black & white to very colourful, crazy-cute to […]

Glassy art by Marta Klonowska

Usually I´m not too much into sculptures, but I really like the shattered glass animals by Polish artist Marta Klonowska. Their sophisticated and delicate shapes created from an infinite amount of broken fragments of glass are just wonderful. With their transparency and airiness they almost appear like snow crystals. But what I like most is […]

Multi-figured art from the city of angels

Many artists are inspired by every-day-life and the people that surround them, no surprise, because these are the things that influence you most. Very often on a pretty unconscious but lasting level. So when taking a look at the works of L.A.-based contemporary artist Kent Williams you can sure see that his friends and he […]

Business cards that rule

„Hi, my name is Andy Warhol and I´m an artist.“ That could have been the line, that Mr. Warhol could have used when introducing himself back in the days. Like all famous and very successful people, they had to start at some point. And what is the one thing you need to start your own […]

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