Monthly Archives: March 2013

In Transition

Dealing with the mental process of transition, L.A.-based photographer Lauren Marsolier united a selection of 50 photos during the last couple of years. These photos, taken in Europe and the USA, are dealing with a transitional phase called gestalt change; when you be in a place you know but can´t really identify. Bottom line: Us […]

¡Viva Mexico!

One of the fascinating facts about Mexico is the ancient culture and the celebration of colours that makes everything so cheerful. And I just found that special combination in Mexico City-based street artist Curiot. Even though he was brought up in the Untied States he kept his love for the bright Mexican traditional art. His […]

Saddo goes Bukruk in Bangkok

Sharing is caring! Keeping this thought in mind, Romanian street artist Saddo got lent to Bangkok to take part at the first edition of the Bukruk Street Art Festival. This event rounds up some of the best street artists from Europe and Thailand to paint, spray and illustrate at the 400m2 indoor and 1000m2 outdoor […]

New blood from Eastern Europe…

… And I gladly accepted this generous gift from Russia. Young photographer Maksim Babenko (a.k.a. Максим Бабенко) just joined the well-blended group of contemporary artists, to make it even more eclectic. His work is characterized by sharp contrasts and an edgy point of view. Arising from his inner state of mind and provoked by the […]

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