Monthly Archives: April 2013

Support your local art

Why roam so far afield if such beauty is right before your eyes? Mar del Plata is one of the less known cities in Argentina, but still has given birth to many new talents, like Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO. Born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires the founding member of the KidGaucho […]

Shifting between real and unreal

What a brave comment: „True contemporary art has to reflect periodic phenomenon’s and should never be afraid to use the technical tools of its time.” That´s what Swiss conceptual artist Fabian Bürgy says and actually lives. His extraordinary and  astonishing digital creations really shift between real and unreal and therefore they are so surprising.  The […]

Origami meets the Future

Beautiful things can be so simple and still amaze you. Like the installations by visual artist Joanie Lemercier. Like his folded paper pyramids which he assembled in various sizes and pimped with a cool light projection. And just like that you get this very futuristic 3D pattern that looks like a meteorite storm from Star […]

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