Monthly Archives: June 2013

La vida auténtica de México

México it´s not only about beautiful beaches, Speedy Gonzales and huge sombreros, we all know that. So there are many other sides of this magical country we´ll probably never get to see with our own eyes, because it´s not easy to access and dangerous to go there as a non-Mexican. Thats´why I think México City-born […]

KAWS goes larger than life

Yes, it could be the resurrection of Pinocchio, but it´s not. These wooden pals are part of the „GISWIL“ exhibition and a creation of American artist and sculptor KAWS. The New York-based artist began his career as a graffiti artist and later on specialized in limited edition toys and clothing. But, as we all know, […]

Sacred 80´s balsa wood

I´m not really the mathematics gal, enjoying numbers and equations in my free time. But I do find   Sacred Geometry extremely fascinating. It´s the way it illustrates everything by just using geometric shapes overlapping  each other. You don´t need any numbers to explain and you still understand. Magical!!! So this is what Australian artist Amy […]

One for All

Architecture, interior design, product design… You name it. Italian Matteo Thun covers it all by applying an holistic approach which transforms his ideas into simply perfect products and buildings. As former student of Oskar Kokoschka, Thun works for over 30 years on creating designs that tell ideas without words and bring places to life by […]

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