Monthly Archives: July 2013

Talking Walls

If you take the word „Street Art“ literally than this kind of art is quite difficult to share with a broad audience, since it´s tied to the streets where it´s created. That´s why more and more street artists tend to as well produce work on paper and canvas or wood to give themselves the possibility […]

The itsy bitsy spider…

…Climbed up the waterspout. Well it´s not exactly as in this children´s song, but Spanish street artist SpiderTag always wanted to be a superhero when he was a little kid. Now he found his own and personal way to be a hero: By creating and reinventing the geometrical street art since 2008. Asking him, he´ll […]

Riding down memory lane…

… on My Little Pony. He calls himself a visual thinker who melts things together and replaces realities. And yes he does: East German-born but London-based artist Super Future Kid takes us on an artistic trip down memory lane. His work is an explosion of  intense colours and many of our childhood cartoon figures put […]

Curious Perspectives

During the last year(s) all kinds of geometric art and design became quite popular. All this fantasy design with howling wolves and imaginary landscapes we remember from the 90ies are now experiencing a mash-up with sacred geometry. Even photography picks up that topic and breeds some beautiful work, for example the series Curious Perspectives by […]

Algorithm with a human heart

Even the arts got very fascinated by computers ever since these little machines started to conquer our private spaces offering uncountable possibilities by experimenting with binary codes, algorithms and randomly generated patters. But still, a lot of the work that is created with the help of technology is lacking a centerpiece: his love the artist […]

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