Monthly Archives: August 2013

Illustrative Festival 2013 in Berlin

Last night I went to the opening soirée of the 6th Illustrative in Berlin. Which takes place every year for the past five years. This international festival for contemporary illustration and graphic art unites about 190 artists from all over the world and is located in the cool and historic venue Direktorenhaus. The location consists […]

The unvalued art of the Spomeniks

In the 60s and 70s Yugoslavia was a prospering playground for the architects with futuristic preferences. The result were thousands of Spomeniks (Eng. monument) created as memorials to the Second World War, scattered in this Eastern European country. But with the fall of socialism these monuments as well seem to be abandoned and forgotten, many […]

The inspiring World of Dudu

A big benefit of travelling is crossing paths with a lot of very different but interesting people. They give you new impulses and unexpected point of views and inspire and motivate you to dare more and to never stop pursuing your dreams even though they might seem a bit unrealistic at the moment. For me, […]

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