Monthly Archives: September 2013

Home is where the (he)art is…

… could be one of the descriptions for the globetrotting French street artist Globepainter aka. Julien Seth Malland who has been everywhere. One reason for sure is, that he likes travelling. The other, that he likes to spread his art and to delight locals all over the planet with his original and very diverse styles […]

A short trip to Absurdistan

It´s funny, that the Scandinavian art duo Elmgreen & Dragset doesn´t´call themselves artists. After seeing the unconventional and even absurd work of these two workaholics I just simply have to disagree. Because these guys are true masters of their work. It might be the unique apporach which is based on Foucault´s thesis, saying that „It […]

Havana´s Finest

No, I´m not talking about Cuban cigars or rum, I´m talking about art, really amazing work made by Los Carpinteros. This group of dedicated lovers of high-quality manufactured products started in 1991 and until today they are wowing people with their conceptual and unseen ideas and their craftsmanship skills. But the easiest way to describe […]

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