Monthly Archives: October 2013

Everything must come to an end… At least in Paris

Crazy things are happening in Paris (but only for a month): An unique art project initiated by Itinerrance Gallery called La Tour Paris 13 which involves a building of 9 levels with 36 apartments covering a surface of 4.500m2 is taking place. During the past 7 months around 100 internationally renown artists like Seth, Jaz, […]

When the Original Nerds go Sexy

Who doesn´t remember Steve Urkle from Family Matters? We all loved him but at the same time were a little confused about his sartorial choices… But then, a couple of years ago everyone went „nerdy“, even Justin Timberlake did it and looked very sexy with his new style. There has to be something about, what […]

The Art of the Huichol

One amazing fact about ethnic art is that it´s ageless – regardless if it´s 1970 or 2013 it´s always what it is because it´s not created to be contemporary or modern. These handcrafted works are an expression of tradition, believes and fascinating stories they tell in each and every unique piece. Especially the art of […]

The evil faces of Victor Castillo

It is quite fascinating in what Victor Castillo´s life long exaltation for animations and science fiction movies mashed up with the true worship of the classical painting of the Spanish old masters, like Goya, result: Dark acrylic paintings that still consist of a certain comic cheerfulness even though they´re soaked with slightly hidden messages about […]

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