Monthly Archives: January 2014

Revealing the untamed hunger

The media-influenced lust for shopping and the artificially made necessity for unnecessary possessions is the inspiration that drives artist Walter Robinson. His creations are usually ironically modified versions or interpretations of well-known logos, brands of characters of the popular culture, being showcased in a humoristic but pretty explicit way. The little twist his art implies […]

Art in full feather

When I first crossed paths with Kate MaccGwire´s creations I was quite confused by the effect her works had on me. Feeling very familiar with what I saw but at the same time being pretty surprised by this ‘otherness’ of her works, which create a feeling of beauty and comfort but as well an uneasiness […]

Creativity flows with the sound of music

It´s no secret that bands like The Beatles, KISS and Queen not only left their deep marks in the world of music but in the art world as well. This works for the young Spanish artist Borja Bonafuente Gonzalo who´s life is music too. His passion for music obviously reflects in his work through musical […]

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