Monthly Archives: February 2014

Neck-deep into Art

It feels like the floor just opened up it´s big mouth with the intention to swallow the Volkswagen Beetle as if it´s just a candy. That seems to be the first impression you get when you see „Hasta las Narices“ created by Spanish artist Ivan Puig. So how can such a massive object like a […]

Mirrow mirrow on the wall…

Collaborations of artists or designers of different disciplines are usually very appealing and produce amazing results… This „unwritten rule“ applies as well for Japanese art director Rikako Nagashima and glass expert Hideto Hyoudou. Their project called Mizukagami/Water Mirror is a fascinating installation of several  mirrors placed on walls furniture or simply on the floor. The […]

Luscious art made with a handful of dollars

Hard to belief, that all applied materials are bought from dollar stores or office supply chains. They didn´t cost the world, but artist Crystal Wagner literally creates a whole new one with it. But before she started to create her gorgeous and very voluminous fantasy gardens she spent 4 months in the Yellowstone National Park […]

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