Monthly Archives: March 2014

Woman at work

This female street artist from Paris calls herself KASHINK and usually wears a painted mustache on her upper lip. What to expect? Well, actually a lot. Already as a child she loved comics and so they inspired her to choose her artistic name, which is one of the onomatopoeic words for the sound of action. […]

Let there be light – and there was light

It´s always impressive to see how light can change the whole perception of a room, a building or an installation. With very simple lights like neon lamps you can produce such great impact and impressive scenery. And that´s exactly what UVA (United Visual Artists) from London did in 2013 with Sou Fujimoto’s summer pavilion at […]

Welcome to The Shining´s resurrection

The fact of creating this series of surreal architectural photo collages without using a camera at any point is simply amazing. But Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian perfected his technique one could all „hyper-collage“ and with it he assembles puzzling creations by assembling bits and pieces of photographs he discovers while browsing the internet. Some of […]

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