Monthly Archives: April 2014

Maya Hayuk knows no bounds

Even though I follow Maya Hayuk´s art for years I never featured her art on this blog – time to change this: During the last years Hayuk became a real star of the contemporary art scene… Her numerous massively scaled murals of crisscrossing fluorescent and pastel-hewn stripes are spread all over the world and her […]

Adam Green inaugurates Ronald Duck

Adam Green more known as a solo musician explored his creativity quite a bit during the last years. And one of his latest accomplishments just got inaugurated: Ronald Duck. His first solo exhibition in Mexico shown at La Campañia, an art gallery dedicated to the development of contemporary and interdisciplinary art projects which as well […]

Achieving wholeness through Emptiness

To understand the art of Australian sculptor Paul Kaptein to it´s full extend one should know that his main source of inspiration is the sunyata – the theory of emptiness. The Buddhists utilize this theory to explain that one can achieve wholeness through emptiness. So Kaptein integrates this profound idea to his work by creating […]

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