Adam Green inaugurates Ronald Duck

Adam Green @ La CompañiaAdam Green more known as a solo musician explored his creativity quite a bit during the last years. And one of his latest accomplishments just got inaugurated: Ronald Duck. His first solo exhibition in Mexico shown at La Campañia, an art gallery dedicated to the development of contemporary and interdisciplinary art projects which as well accommodates a restaurant in the hip neighborhood of La Roma in Mexico City.

Adam created a subverted Donald Duck, who is reborn “Ronald Duck”. In a series of 33 works depicting cartoon characters by using classical mathematics to negotiate present day chaos.

Achieving wholeness through Emptiness

And in the endless pauses there came a sound - 2012To understand the art of Australian sculptor Paul Kaptein to it´s full extend one should know that his main source of inspiration is the sunyata – the theory of emptiness. The Buddhists utilize this theory to explain that one can achieve wholeness through emptiness. So Kaptein integrates this profound idea to his work by creating wooden sculptures that are missing small parts, almost looking like someone edited them with an extremely sharp mold and cut out rectangular pieces of different size.
The spectator is enticed to ask: Why are these otherwise perfect bodies not complete? And the answer to this question is as simple as it explains the initial idea: Wholeness through Emptiness.

Woman at work

Wall for Gayfitti by KASHINKThis female street artist from Paris calls herself KASHINK and usually wears a painted mustache on her upper lip. What to expect? Well, actually a lot. Already as a child she loved comics and so they inspired her to choose her artistic name, which is one of the onomatopoeic words for the sound of action.
And action you´ll get, mostly through huge paintings of four-eyed characters in gaudy colors you can find all around the world and probably even close to where you are. And she is an artist with attitude too. One of her latest charity collaborations was with Gayfitti called „Act Up“. A project that seeks equal rights for gays (in marriage, etc.). So I say: YEZZZZZ!!!!!

Let there be light – and there was light

Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion Intervention - London, 2013It´s always impressive to see how light can change the whole perception of a room, a building or an installation. With very simple lights like neon lamps you can produce such great impact and impressive scenery.

And that´s exactly what UVA (United Visual Artists) from London did in 2013 with Sou Fujimoto’s summer pavilion at London’s Serpentine Gallery. They transformed the cloud-like structure of this installation into an „electrical storm“ aiming to make the architecture “breathe”. And they succeeded as with all of their projects…

Welcome to The Shining´s resurrection

Untitled (temple), 2012The fact of creating this series of surreal architectural photo collages without using a camera at any point is simply amazing.

But Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian perfected his technique one could all „hyper-collage“ and with it he assembles puzzling creations by assembling bits and pieces of photographs he discovers while browsing the internet. Some of his works are made of more than 50 photographic elements just in order to produce one final image. By now his archive contains around 30,000 images so we can be looking forward to many more mysterious and haunted houses and mansions embodying the very human anxieties about isolation and vulnerability.

Neck-deep into Art

Ivan Puig´s Hasta las NaricesIt feels like the floor just opened up it´s big mouth with the intention to swallow the Volkswagen Beetle as if it´s just a candy. That seems to be the first impression you get when you see „Hasta las Narices“ created by Spanish artist Ivan Puig.
So how can such a massive object like a car achieve this fragility? The answer must is: Preciseness – cutting the car at the perfect angle so the spectator really believes it´s disappearing… Well, it´s obvious, the artist likes to play with our sensations or in his words: „I like the contradiction, I like poetry, simplicity and complexity together, the astonishment and I like to amaze.“ I would say: Done, done and done!

Mirrow mirrow on the wall…

Rikako Nagashima & Hideto Hyoudou´s „Mizukagami“Collaborations of artists or designers of different disciplines are usually very appealing and produce amazing results…
This „unwritten rule“ applies as well for Japanese art director Rikako Nagashima and glass expert Hideto Hyoudou. Their project called Mizukagami/Water Mirror is a fascinating installation of several  mirrors placed on walls furniture or simply on the floor.

The reflecting surfaces of the mirrors paired with their uncommon dripping-water-shapes beguile and delude your eyes and cause you a feeling of being in a world where the laws of nature are superfluous. A beautiful and aesthetic body of work playing with your perception and leaving you astonished and bedazzled.

Luscious art made with a handful of dollars

Urban Kudzu - 2013Hard to belief, that all applied materials are bought from dollar stores or office supply chains. They didn´t cost the world, but artist Crystal Wagner literally creates a whole new one with it.

But before she started to create her gorgeous and very voluminous fantasy gardens she spent 4 months in the Yellowstone National Park to gather all necessary information and to study nature meticulously. Obviously her time was not wasted, because these complex 3-D installations made for example of creped paper, chicken wire and table cloth are so stunning but as well implicate long hours and days of work to be assembled as you can see in the making-of video of Surface.

Revealing the untamed hunger

Walter Robinson´s Hunter-Gatherer / 2006The media-influenced lust for shopping and the artificially made necessity for unnecessary possessions is the inspiration that drives artist Walter Robinson. His creations are usually ironically modified versions or interpretations of well-known logos, brands of characters of the popular culture, being showcased in a humoristic but pretty explicit way.
The little twist his art implies is the obvious social criticism he reveals by taking theses famous originals out of context or combining them in unforeseen ways. Or in his words: „ I uncover the subconscious and biological human imperatives hidden beneath social, political, religious, and capitalist packaging.“

Art in full feather

Kate MaccGwire´s "Schema" - 2013When I first crossed paths with Kate MaccGwire´s creations I was quite confused by the effect her works had on me. Feeling very familiar with what I saw but at the same time being pretty surprised by this ‘otherness’ of her works, which create a feeling of beauty and comfort but as well an uneasiness caused by these indistinguishable forms.
But the artist takes this effect in account when she´s creating her enormous organic often serpent-like sculptures which are made of thousands of pigeon and mallard feathers layered and duplicated to create these surreal forms. Due to the fact of being brought up in eastern England her connection with wildlife is pretty strong and explains her way to express her creativity.

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