Cuando el algoritmo no te da de comer

Vivimos en tiempos veloces, todo cambia todo el tiempo. Pero al mismo tiempo el cambio también involucra desarrollo o mas bien una evolución. Eso es algo bueno, en general, pero a veces las cosas se desarrollan tan rápido que no todos pueden mantener el ritmo. Para tomar un ejemplo del mundo del arte: el arte…

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Art for animal lovers

At some point, we grew out of being surrounded by our beloved teddy bears. But what to do with the cuddly companions you shared your childhood with? Argentine artist Agustina Woodgate has the answer: Colorful plushy rugs!!! By using uncountable toy animal skins she creates enormous and complex mandala-like rugs that delight all age groups.…

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Min in Wonderland

Surrealism was an epoch-making new style back in the in the early 1920s, being characterized by the dreamlike landscapes and unrealistic compositions of its works. But this art style is still alive, evolved and re-interpreted by many talented artists around the world. Like Korean-born Jung Yean Min who was mainly inspired by Hieronymus Bosch. Her…

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