That all earthly things come to an end is an open secret, but how society handles murder and crime is another subject. A subject that Columbian artist Andrés Orjuela investigates to turn into fantastic art projects. One of them was the intervention of the front pages of „Alarma!“, a Mexican crime magazine. By modifying the covers the artist created awareness of the merciless interaction and handling of death.

But the artist also approaches death less shockingly. For instance in “Edén” where Orjuela collected beautiful but completely desiccated flowers at the markets of Xochimilco (Mexico City) to document their fleeting beauty. Both projects reflect hat life can be very brutal. And once dead occurred, both, the corpses and the flowers, get unmasked, packed up in black plastic bags, ready to be forgotten and thrown away. But instead, it should remind us of the fact that beauty fades and life is transient but still very precious.